Existing Concrete


Are you looking to add aesthetic appeal, transform your existing concrete slab or enhance the value of your home, then resurfacing your concrete would be ideal. Whether you are looking for a new look or a complete home makeover, you can transform your existing concrete slab and express your individual style using our concrete resurfacing products

Re-surfacing is designed to create a unique decorative finish on existing concrete surfaces. Our spray on resurface coatings bond rigidly to existing suitable concrete surfaces and help create a slip resistant, textured or decorative surface for both dry and wet areas

A base layer is sprayed or squeegied onto the prepared concrete surface. This provides the grout colour', surface levelling and highly effective priming of the existing slab.

The top coat is applied using a specialised spray gun to apply the colour over the base layer and stencil. This layer is applied between 2mm to 3mm thick. The stencil is removed to reveal the selected pattern. The surface is then sealed to protect and lock in the rich colour for years to come.

Colour Range
Stencil Pattern Range



The coloured sealer system is ideal for colouring plain concrete. It is a two part system; Part A the colour sealer clear base and Part B the colour tint. The Colour Tint (Part B) is added to the Colour Sealer Clear Base (Part A), and then applied using a roller or soft bristled broom.
Colour sealers make it easy to achieve a new coloured surface.

Coloured Sealers help maintain and protect plain, coloured and decorative concrete against staining and the harsh Australian climate. Coloured sealers are available in a large array of colours and are able to be colour matched to suit your personal style.

Colour Range