Internal Flooring

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Decorative internal concrete is becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices..  

Epoxy Flake Flooring is a pure epoxy product that offers a tough, decorative, seamless, easy to clean, hygienic surface. Available in a wide variety of colours and striking finishes, Epoxy Flake Flooring can be customised to suit your d├ęcor.

Epoxy Flake Flooring offers resistance to chemical and oil spillage. Design ideas are only limited by your imagination. With Epoxy Flake Flooring you can create floors to suit your every need - from a cutting feature floor in a retail store or a night club, to a durable protective coating for a heavy industrial workshop.

Design Tip: If you need a flooring solution for a high traffic area, Epoxy is ideal. It's dust, graffiti and water resistant surface will not harbour bacteria making it a great solution for garages, hair dressers or around the home.

Flake Chart
Tinted Epoxy Colour Chart