Pavecoat Colour Sealer

- Available in 36 standard colours (Colour Chart)

- Cost effective alternative to new pavements

- Premixed or Two parts Part A (Base) & Part B (Tint).



Colour Sealer is primarily used to colour plain concrete however can also be applied over stenciled, stamped and coloured concrete.

Volume: 20Ltr or 18L Part A, 2L Part B



Pavecoat High Gloss

- Hard wearing, 30% Solids Sealer

- Extended Durability

- Rough Surfaces or High Traffic Areas

- Fuel, Oil, Mould & Fungi Resistant

- Additional UV Light Blockers

Used for extended longevity over high traffic and rough finished concrete surfaces, or where a slip reducing additive has been used. High quality, gloss-finish with additives for resistance to mould and hydrocarbons.

Volume: 20L

Pavecoat Clear

- Good all round sealer

- Good wear characteristics & viscosity

- 28% Solids Sealer

- Can be used for resealing

- Gloss finish

Pavecoat Clear can be used as a first or final coat on stencil, stamped, coloured or plain concrete.

Volume: 20L

Pavecoat Cure & Seal

- First coat or priming sealer

- Soft resin that allows green concrete to breathe

- Not intended as a second or final coat sealer

- Can be applied to green concrete

- 17% Solids Sealer

Pavecoat Cure & Seal is recommended for sealing "green" concrete on the day it is poured and also acts as a curing agent.

Volume: 20L


   - Specifically formulated to seal and protect exposed aggregate concrete

   - Penetrating non yellowing glossy wet look sealer

   - Enhances concrete and aggregate colour

   - Easy to Apply & Maintain

   - 20% Solids Sealer


Used as a high quality, gloss protective finish over exposed aggregate concrete and other concrete & masonry surfaces.

Volume: 20L

   Pavecoat H2O

   - Single pack water based acrylic sealer

   - Excellent penetration and adhesion

   - Can be tinted

   - Non yellowing and UV stable

   - Rapid drying and reduced recoating downtime.

Pavecoat H2O has been designed to provide a concrete treatment, which has excellent waterproofing and non-wearing performance similar to equivalent organic solvent solution acrylic sealers without the associated environmental problems.

Volume: 20L


- Thinner for solvent based coating range.

- Clear colourless low viscous liquid

- Prepare sealer for re sealing.



Nutech Solvent is used for thinning down solvent based resin products, either because of high viscosity, or to assist penetration into the substrate and achieve a strong physical key.

Volume: 4L, 20L

Seal Repair Sulution

- Rectify sealer adhesion problems

- Clear colourless low viscous liquid




Is recommended to rectify sealer adhesion problems. Re-sealing of concrete can sometimes cause problems due to old or incorrectly applied sealer. Typically the sealed surface becomes silvery white and loses colour and appeal, these surfaces look good when the surface is wet and the whiteness reappears when it dries.

Volume: 20L

Epic Epoxy 500

- Premium solvent based epoxy

- High build two pack floor coating

- Food rated

- Chemical & Solvent Resistant

- 47.5% Solids

Is a two pack solvent based epoxy which provides excellent protection against petrol, oils and fats, alkali and efflorescence on concrete and steel surfaces. It has a high resistance to corrosion and abrasion and is impervious to water and moisture.

Volume: 4L, 20L

Nu Ecosafe Strip

- 100% biodegradable

- Very low odour, Non-toxic, non-irritating formulations

- Water-based.

- Easy to apply.

- Non-carcinogenic.

- Non-flammable

Complete replacement for conventional, toxic chemical strippers. Substitute for some abrasive blasting and as an accelerator for other types of mechanical removal-like UHP water blasting and track blasting.
A viable alternative for stripping paint where stripping paint could not be done before - such as food processing plants and enclosed areas

Volume: 20L