Prime Retarder

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Prime Retarder is a water-based chemical retarder used to expose the aggregate in horizontal/vertical concrete surfaces.



Prime Retarder is a water-based chemical retarder used to expose the aggregate in horizontal/vertical concrete surfaces.


Prime Retarder delays the set of the surface concrete slurry to a controlled depth. It is applied using a pressure spray unit after the concrete has been finished.


Prime Retarder does not stop the set of the main concrete. The Retarded concrete slurry is easily removed by a high-pressure washer from 12-24 hours (subject to weather conditions) after Prime Retarder has been applied.


Prime Retarder, when applied correctly, will save time/labor and deliver sensational results every time.




Prime Exposure Retarder is a water-soluble fluoro green liquid used to expose the aggregate in horizontal/vertical concrete.


Uses – Applied to Horizontal/Vertical Exposed Aggregate concrete surfaces.


Coverage – 80 to 100 square meters per 20 litre.




Easy to see fluoro green color to ensure even coverage, reducing missed or non-covered areas.


Viscosity of Prime retardant has been developed to enable it to be applied on flat and steep inclines without excessive runoff or creating over-exposed valleys.


Reduced wash-off times due to superior performance in warmer/windy conditions to that of other retardants on the market.


A large distributor network, so wherever the job you will be able to find a Prime stockist.


Unsurpassed level of surface exposure, providing an even finish and polish of stone.




PRIME RETARDER should be applied to the surface undiluted at the rate of 0.2-0.3 litres per square meter. Apply an even coat of Prime Retarder as soon as you have troweled out any tool lines and the bleed water has dried. Ensure there is still surface moisture so the surface pits when the retarder is applied.


Do not trowel Prime Retarder into the surface, please call tech support for assistance if the concrete has gone too hard before you have applied the retarder (if when sprayed it’s not pitting the surface).


We recommend in warm/windy conditions to cover the job with builders’ film (polythene) or spray with PRIME EVAPLOC.  Please refer to Prime Evaploc tech sheet on our website for the dilution rate/ instructions. Apply the polythene or Prime Evaploc when you can no longer see the fluoro green color of the Retardant and the Retardant has set (this will at least halve your wash-off time).


Wash-off times vary due to weather conditions, anything over 23 Degrees Celsius or excessively windy conditions you can wash off four hours after applying the Retarder. Same-day wash-off requires a high level of experience and can result in under and overexposure of the surface.


For best results we recommend covering and washing off the following day, this can be completed by a relatively inexperienced laborer due to the concrete being set. When washing off the following day the likelihood of over or underexposure is greatly reduced. We have found because the wash-off process can be untaken by a non-skilled laborer, this enables the experienced contractor to move on to other projects. For ease of wash off it is best to leave the job covered or wet while washing, this will assist the retardant to rehydrate and further reduce wash-off times. For Further application information please visit




Keep out of reach of children. AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN, EYES


Prime Retarder is slightly alkaline. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing (goggles, impervious footwear, and gloves) when handling.


Prime Retarder should not be stored in metal containers for long periods. Stored out of the direct sunlight and under 40 Degrees Celsius in the original drum – Shelf Life is at least 18 months.




Prime Retarder is a water-soluble product that is preferably cleaned in hot water however cold water can be used.




It is important to keep Prime Retarder out of the sewer and stormwater drains.  DO NOT pour any leftover product down the drain. If spills occur, contain and absorb the spill to prevent it from entering stormwater drains. Retain any leftover product in the original labeled sealed container for future use.




Wash skin thoroughly and remove contaminated clothing. Eye – Hold open and flood with water for 15 minutes. Ingestion – DO NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water after rinsing mouth and seek medical advice. If vomiting occurs, give further water and seek medical advice.


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